Best School of Acting is an entirely new concept in children’s part-time theatre training - a term time course offering professional training to young people interested in advancing their acting and drama skills. Based in St.Albans, the three-hour weekly sessions on term-time Saturday afternoons (2pm-5pm) are purely based around drama and performance.

What's the thinking behind it?

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Founded by two established and respected local theatre companies for young people - Best Theatre Arts and Tip of the Iceberg, the aim of the school is to provide an exceptional level of professional quality coaching to 8-18 year olds. We offer talented young people the chance to progress and develop their skills in an energetic and committed environment. We help develop creative well-rounded, highly skilled, confident young performers.

The course provides significant support to students studying drama at school, doing GCSE, A-level or Btech and those who may be considering a career in the theatre. Students should look back on their time with us as a time of great fun, thrilling challenge and genuine achievement.

This school is also not just about acting –it’s much more…it’s about the person, the way someone puts themselves across, their ability to communicate well, be quick minded, a team player, a well rounded person. That is at the heart of the ethos at Best School of Acting.

What people say

Testimonials from our students and parents

nancy mini

She wouldn’t be the actor she – or the girls she is – without you

Nancy M's Mum
Nancy has been selected to join Guildhall's Youth group We're so proud of her! And so thankful to everyone at Best for everything you've done with and for Nancy. She wouldn't be the actor she is - or the girl she is - without you guys. And after a preview show in 2015 Just when I think you guys can't surprise me any more! Not just the incredible performances but the resilience and sheer indomitable spirit of the entire cast and crew. Words can't describe...
emily r

She loves all of the lessons…

Emily R's Mum
Emily comes to BEST because she wanted to join a group of people who shared her love and enthusiasm for drama. She loves all the lessons but always lights up and tells me what fun Seamus's lesson on impro has been and loves the fact that most of his lessons are taught through games! Emily is in her 4th year and has learned so much about drama and performing arts. She seems to know most of 'the ropes' and speaks the lingo none of which I understand Her learning at BSA has helped Emily to gain the confidence to see her career in the performing arts/acting going forward. Without a doubt she would never have put down for and gained a place at college to do Performing Arts and may have missed her Forte! It has given her confidence to do what she loves and will help her in any future projects, shows, interviews, any area of life which involves interacting with people. Debbie Theobald

We are prepared very well by the teachers

Charlotte Jones
I come to BSA because it is a really enjoyable place to spend my Saturday afternoon. I have made new friends and I have learnt a lot in the time I have been there. I feel like I have made huge progress on not only my acting but my confidence and knowledge of drama. BSA helps me personally with my confidence as I was always quite naturally shy but also with my Drama GCSE at school. I hope my I learn at BSA will help to get me into the acting profession and I feel like we are prepared very well by the teachers and other students.

She looks forward to every session!

Beth McC's Mum
Beth is passionate about acting, so finding BSA was perfect as she gets to spend a whole afternoon with highly experienced teachers, learning and practising the different elements of acting. She looks forward to every session!

It helps me grow and develop as an actress

Beth McConnell
I love Best School of Acting because not only is it super fun, but it helps me grow and develop as an actress. It is also a great social activity and I have made some really good friends.
Class teacher- Seamus Allen

Teaching here is just a blast!

Seamus Allen
The standard of these guys' improvisation work is just outstanding. They have me in stitches, or in tears - sometimes both! I love teaching at BSA and I'm so proud of what we do here!  
Boy Preference 258

The highlight was our performance at the National Theatre

Gina Hunt
The highlight of my time with Best was performing at the National Theatre in 2015. Our production of The Boy Preference for the Connections Festival required a huge amount of teamwork, personal commitment and willingness to push the boundaries. We all supported each other and the creative group experience was something I will always value and remember. The performance experience was incredible – but the friendship and camaraderie was equally important.


Date for your diary

20 July

11th December at Trestle Arts Base – BSA Intermediate and Foundation groups’ next public presentation…

Tickets on sale for Animal Farm

05 July

Our Intermediate Group’s fantastic mask-based new version of Animal Farm is at The Maltings Arts Theatre on Sunday 12th July at 7pm.
Get your tickets here…